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Take The Green Blue Boating Pledge


Show your support for the environment by joining The Green Blue Boating Pledge.

Parkstone Bay Marina is proud to support The Green Blue Boating Pledge. From narrowboat liveaboards to dinghy and yacht sailors, to personal watercraft owners and motor cruisers, The Green Blue Boating Pledge is a new way for all boat users to show their commitment to protecting and respecting the environment.

The aim of the Pledge is to provide boat users with simple, practical guidelines which they can follow and hopefully inspire other boaters to join. There are fifteen Pledge points focussed on the strapline, ‘Respect, Protect, Enjoy.’ Each of the points have been selected as playing a positive role in the well-being of surrounding habitats and wildlife, these range from ‘Choosing your anchorage with care,’ to ‘Using eco-friendly products,’ and ‘Minimising your wash.’

By joining the Pledge, you will be helping to help raise awareness of important environmental issues, such as water pollution and wildlife disturbance.

You can make the Pledge online via The Green Blue website. All Pledgers will receive a Pledge certificate and a metal pin badge.

Common FAQ’s

1) Which are the most important Pledge actions to follow?

Each of the Pledge actions are equally important! In total, there are fifteen sustainable actions, but you may find that some of these are ones that you already do. The actions are spread over three key themes: Respect, Protect, Enjoy! If you can commit to following just one extra of these behaviours, then you could make a big difference to the waters and wildlife that you visit.

2) Can I join the Pledge?

Absolutely! The Pledge is open to all boat users, whether your boat has a diesel engine or is powered by wind, whether you sail once a year or once a week! The Pledge actions are also relevant to both marine and inland waterway users, so wherever you enjoy getting afloat you can join the Pledge.

It’s also completely free! In return you can opt-in to receive a Pledge Pack with a Pledge pin badge, handy environment best practice leaflets and a Pledge certificate.

3) How do I join the Pledge?

Joining the sustainable boating community is easy! Simply visit The Boating Pledge on The Green Blue website where you’ll be asked to complete a short form with your preferred contact details, and that’s it!

#GoGreenOnTheBlue After we’ve received notification of your Pledge, you’ll then receive a Welcome email confirming your commitment to boating sustainably.

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