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Parkstone Bay Marina: Cleaner & Greener Marina Operations for a Sustainable Future

In the world of boating, it can often seem that making sustainable choices won’t make a drop in the ocean in terms of impact. The consumer is often faced with trivial choices, be it a ‘new’ highly priced boat soap or the addition of energy saving electronics. On the other hand, you have marinas that can make a huge difference within a local environment. Parkstone Bay recognises this duty and continually aims to provide a sustainable service keeping Poole Harbour beautiful for future generations to come.


Over the past few years there have been several major investments made with the aim to minimise any detriment from the marina’s operations. In 2019 the marina took its first significant step by installing a fully bunded vessel washdown area with an interceptor, becoming the first in Poole to do so. This system collects and filters debris and runoff, removing harmful chemicals such as those found in antifoul before being discharged back into the sea.

Parkstone Bay offers Dry Berthing for vessels up to 45', utilising a Wiggins forklift for boats up to 32' and Telehandlers and Roodberg Slipway trailers for larger vessels. In 2022, to address the environmental impact of launching and recovering over 120 vessels, the marina transitioned to HVO fuel, reducing operational CO2 emissions by up to 90%. Additionally, they acquired 2 fully electric forklift trucks for the boat yard which has led to quieter and cleaner boat handling operations, enhancing the overall customer experience at the marina.


In 2023 a new solar array was fitted supplementing the electrical power for a large area of the site, providing up to 28kw of power in full sunlight.  A first step on the journey into solar power with the aim to install further panels in the future and minimise usage.


Parkstone Bay Marina holds regular events raising awareness about the impact of boating, such as the Studland Bay conservation area and positive boating practices such as those outlined by The Green Blue, inviting berth holders, locals, friends, and families to participate and discuss. In a recent customer survey, a huge 82.8% of Berth Holders expressed that they were happy to participate in events to support and raise awareness for the local environment.


“I have been encouraged by the steps the marina management has taken to promote sustainable boating for the things under its control e.g., things to do when antifouling. The protection of the environment is important (Studland MCZ) and the session on eco moorings was very useful. It is up to us as individual boat owners to do our bit, that’s the challenge.” - Alistair McLaren – Parkstone Bay Berth Holder


With responsible berthing at its core, Parkstone Bay offers a solution that enables customers to make a significant choice and enjoy the experience of sustainable boating, embarking on a journey towards a greener future for Poole Harbour and beyond.


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