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Winter is coming - Look after your boat and she'll look after you next season.

As the weather starts to turn and we look towards winter, the boat is probably the last thing on your mind. The sheltered waters of Poole Harbour can make for some stunning winter boating days but many of you will be making arrangements to pack away the boat for the season ahead. Here are just a few tips and suggestions that we have put together.

  • Book your engine in to be winterised with a marine engineer, this will prevent any damage being caused by the cold temperatures.

  • Fill up the fuel tank, the cold weather can cause condensation to form in your tank and could result in water in the fuel system, especially in diesel powered boats. Filling the tank/s will prevent this from happening.

  • Empty water storage tanks, freezing water can cause all sorts of issues with your plumbing systems.

  • Empty and clean the toilet(s). It is worth running them through with fresh water and even some non-toxic antifreeze.

  • Remove bedding and prop up the bunk cushions, allow all the soft furnishings to ‘breathe’.

  • Run a “marine approved” dehumidifier, better than a heater in many ways and keeps the cabin dry. They work best if you can get the water draining straight down a plug hole overboard. i.e shower tray or sink.

  • Leave drawers, doors and cupboards open, this helps with air circulation and will therefore reduce condensation.

  • Add a thermostatically controlled tube heater, this will keep areas warm only when the temperature drops below a certain point therefore keeping your electricity usage minimised.

  • Give the boat a good clean, cleaning the boat now will save a few hours of scrubbing in the spring. Short on time? The marina team can offer a Winter Valet, ask the Marina Office for a quote.

  • Put the cover/s on, don't forget to ensure that covers are suitably propped to prevent damage from the weight of puddled water.

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