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Preparing Your Boat For Adverse Weather

Following the extreme winds that were gusting in excess of 60 knots on Monday night, we were reassured to report that there was no damage to any vessel or our premises. This was thanks to the preparation and awareness of our team and many diligent customers, that were able to check on vessels in advance. It is a reminder, again at to the importance of planning and preparation for the extreme conditions, which we know will hit Poole Harbour over the coming months. Whilst our team will always do their best to assist berth holders, please be aware that vessels remain your responsibility at all times.

With that in mind, we would like to share our ‘Best Practice’ guide for safely securing your boat in preparation for winter storms.

  • Ensure that you have comprehensive cover in place and take photos of your vessel regularly and through your preparations, for insurance purposes.

  • Remove or tightly tie down all canvas/covers to reduce the chance of the wind catching and causing them damage.

  • Winterise your engine if you’re not planning on using your vessel over the winter.

  • Ensure water can easily run of covers, to minimise ‘puddling’, which will damage them.

  • Sailing vessels stored ashore MUST have their foresails removed.

  • Remove anything loose from the vessel, for example; flags, cushions and fishing rods.

  • If your vessel is berthed on the pontoon, ensure that extra lines are added. Attach lines to any additional cleats available to spread the weight off the vessel evenly across the different attachment points.

  • Turn off any electrical devices not in use, for example fridges.

  • Put your dehumidifiers and heaters on timers.

  • Double up on fenders and ensure they are sufficiently inflated.

  • Remove all valuables from your vessel and store them at home.

  • Cover lines with chafe protectors to avoid any markings to your vessel.

  • Secure your hatches, cockpit and anchor lockers.

  • Make sure your batteries are topped up so that your bilge pump can pump out any water taken on.

  • If ashore take bungs out so that rainwater can drain.

Most importantly, do not attempt to board your vessel during a storm, it is not worth the risk.

If you have any concerns or queries, please contact the Marina Office.

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