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Operations Team Update

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

It has been a busy start to the winter season for our Ops Team. Guided by Mark Dillon our Marina Manager, the team have embarked on a variety of projects to further improve on our facilities and in preparation for 2021. Here is a snapshot of what they have been up to:


We are proud to run our own dredger, PETROC, which recently received an extensive refit, including a full engine overhaul. It’s great to see her now back in action! Annual dredging is an important operation as it keeps on top of the tidal deposits that naturally build up, ensuring safe access to the marina. The team have already removed over 20 hopper loads and are required to run another 20 before Christmas. We take a break during January and February to allow the bay some peace, as this is a crucial time of year for the birdlife nesting in the area.


Some of you may have noticed our team working on the pontoons alongside specialist contractors. Each winter the pontoons structure and all fittings must be checked to ensure their safety and longevity. We also use this time to make necessary adjustments to ensure the most effective layout of berths in response to berth holder feedback from the summer.

As we undertake repairs and dredge within the marina it may be necessary for your boat to be moved. Although we will do our best to inform you this may not always be possible. Please understand any movements are only to allow us to continue the unavoidable upkeep of the marina which must be undertaken during the quieter winter months.


Our dedicated washdown area has now been screened to contain the overspray. Boats, plant or other equipment can now be washed with any contaminated water running through a 3 stage filtration system hidden away under the yard allowing only clean water to be discharged into the sea. We are the only marina in the area to have currently invested in this type of facility which is so important in protecting our environment.


All our marina work boats have benefitted from an overhaul and engine servicing by our in-house engineer Jez. We have also invested in a new RIB for improved towing of customers vessels within the marina and to and from their swinging moorings.

We still have a number of further improvements to complete before the spring. These include:

  • Further upgrades to the CCTV System covering more areas of the boat yard

  • Installation of new drainage and a second filtration system to handle the run off from the tenanted workshops, again preventing anything nasty entering the bay

  • Refurbishment of the Wiggins Forklift

  • Commissioning our new Roodberg 15t Hydraulic Slipway Trailer

Keep an eye on Social Media for all the latest movements and information

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