Notice to all Diesel fuel users

As of July 2019 Parkstone Bay Marina’s fuel supplier will be providing diesel that contains a percentage of bio-fuels in line with new government environmental legislation.

How does this affect the user?

Many of you will have heard of the term ‘diesel bug’ which is a blanket term given to any living micro-organism that can live, feed & proliferate in a fuel environment – bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae etc. These organisms manifest themselves as slime and can be very fast growing. This in turn can lead to blocked fuel lines and clogged filters. They rely on a mixture of water & hydrocarbon to grow.

The presence of biofuel encourages bug growth, largely by attracting water. Biofuel is already present in road fuel and is being phased into off road fuels for agricultural, construction & marine use during 2019 in line with the Road Transport Fuel Obligation.

How can we help you?

We are pleased to be able to supply Marine Fuel Conditioner from Exocet Fuel Additives. Exocet Marine Fuel Conditioner is a multi-functional fuel additive package suitable for use with Gas Oil and Marine Gas Oils (MGO) including all grades of distillate marine fuels; DMA, DMB, DMX, DMZ used in high speed diesel engines. The additive has been formulated to improve and upgrade the fuel quality; it allows for the decrease in fuel sulphur content and provides protection against contamination with FAME (biodiesel).

  • Exocet’s marine fuel conditioner increases fuel shelf life and inhibit fuel tank sludge formation
  • It prevents microbiological growth
  • It promotes a clean fuel system and inhibit injector fouling
  • It promotes fuel-water separation to prevent water carryover to the engine

Marine Fuel Conditioner is available at our Kiosk adjacent to our Fuel Berth in 4 different sized containers. 50ml, 200ml, 500ml & 1 litre. At a treatment rate of 50ml per 100 litres of fuel the protection provided is well worth the investment.  Simply add the conditioner before filling your tank for all round protection.  Ask the team for more information next time you fuel your boat.

Size Price
50ml £10.00
200ml £15.00
500ml £30.00
1 Litre £45.00