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Maintaining Your Vessel - The Sustainable Way

Providing a safe and sustainable facility is a key part of of our mission statement. We were proud to be one of the first marinas included in the new directory of environmentally friendly sites, as published by The Green Blue.

It is now important that we all play our part in protecting the local environment and water and there is much that you can do too. Please read more about how to undertake routine winter maintenance on your vessels, following the guidance of The Green Blue and their Protect, Collect, Dispose campaign.

Lay down tarpaulins before antifouling

Tarpaulins must be laid under your vessel prior to undertaking any work, especially the removal and re-application of antifoul.

Repair and Recycle items where possible

To help avoid waste and overconsumption, try to repair items before replacing them. Not only is this better for the environment, but it will save you money too!

Use eco-friendly cleaning products

Anything used to clean your vessel can leak into the waterways causing pollution. Do not use hazardous or harmful chemicals - check labels and if they are recommended by the Green Blue.

Take care when handling fuel, oil and paints

These substances are hazardous and can cause damage to marine life and habitats. One litre of oil can pollute one million litres of water.

Use the correct waste disposal methods

We have waste solutions in the dedicated compound for correct disposal. This includes separate bins for oily rags, waste oil, oil & fuel filters, empty paint tins and antifoul / paint scrapings gathered on your tarpaulins.

Please note that if you are unsure please contact the Marina Office for further guidance before commencing any works.


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