Where have all the hose pipes gone?

In accordance with guidance from The Green Blue and British Marine, we have decided to update our policy on water hoses at Parkstone Bay.

Our reasons for making this change is due to heightening health and safety standards throughout the marine industry, especially in relation to the management of Legionella bacteria.  We have a legal duty to ensure our processes take steps to reduce any risks of harvesting and transferring the Legionella bacteria.

Parkstone Bay works to adopt best practice within the marine sector but one of our core values is also to promote sustainability amongst our bertholders and visitors.  This brings into point our joint attitude towards water wastage around the site.

From 1st October, all hoses will be removed from the pontoons and dry berthing park, requiring bertholders to provide their own attachments.  A wash down area on the slipway will still be provided alongside the coin-operated pressure washer for dry berthing customers looking for a more thorough clean.

Here are a few key points that we considered to be important:

  • Wastage of water – It is often the case that hose pipes are leaking, not securely attached to the taps or even left running.  This risk will be reduced by berth holders providing their own hoses.
  • Safety – Hoses not coiled away properly after use become trip hazards and a disturbance to the marina, which would not happen if provided by the berth holder.
  • Water Quality – Hoses (especially long ones) left attached to taps will hold water after use.  This increases the chance of the bacteria developing in the water, which would then be spread when next used.
  • Loss of Property – On many occasions, we have been informed that hose guns or fixings that we have installed have been removed or lost.
  • Blockages – Hoses located on the pontoons are often left dangling in the water which increases the chance of blockages in the system.

We understand how important it is for all berth holders to have ready access to a water supply and so over the winter months, additional water taps will be installed throughout the dry berthing park for bertholders to use with their own hose and attachments.

For more information on the subject of water management in the marine environment, please refer to British Marine or The Green Blue websites.