Plastic Pollution

With plastic pollution high on the agenda, and the increased interest from our boating community in how we can minimise our environmental impacts, we thought there is no better time to raise awareness and pass on environmental best practice to our berth holders.

As you may be aware, we are holding our Family Fun Day on May 30th, which includes a plastic free sweet sale and the opportunity to help educate the youth with our interactive Marine CSI games. Our aim is to increase environmental awareness among our young sailors in a fun and engaging way, whilst demonstrating ways to help safeguard the wildlife in the harbour.

In a bid to encourage our customers to act responsibly when out on the water we have included some advice and tips;

Plastic Patrol; Plastic Patrol is an international not-for-profit organisation tackling plastic pollution. Download the app to help support their mission to save the ocean.

Helming; Good use of the throttle, boat handling skills and keeping distance can reduce wash which can erode banks and disturbance to resting, feeding and breeding wildlife.

Cleaning; use eco-friendly alternatives to wash your deck, avoid products that contain bleach, chlorine and micro-beads that enter the water.

Refuelling; Have a fuel kit handy to clean up any accidental spills.

Galley; reduce waste on board by using reusable containers, recycle waste and avoid single use plastics. Customers will receive a discount on their hot drink at South Deep by bringing a reusable coffee cup.

Heads; Use onshore facilities where you can and avoid discharging into estuaries or enclosed waters.

Anchor; Use the right anchor and length of chain to avoid dragging and abrasion  .

Our team are on hand to offer more advice or guidance to help you move towards a ‘greener boat’ and more sustainable boating, we also have lots of literature on hand in the office to help.

By working towards an environmentally sustainable boating community, we can safeguard the waters and habitats we enjoy for the future.