Harbour Sea School & Dorset Marine Training

At the beginning of 2019, ‘Harbour Sea School’ and ‘The Boat Club’ started to work with us (Sarah and Dom) at ‘Dorset Marine Training’ to provide a full range of Training courses and bespoke ‘Own Boat Training’ at Parkstone Bay and throughout Poole Harbour.  During the last 12 months, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of Parkstone Bay berth holders to enable them to get the absolute most from their boating, coupled with the large number of Boat club members that have undertaken basic boat training, we’ve helped quite a lot of people onto the water!

Sometimes when we’ve been doing something for a while, it’s difficult to get some extra training, almost for the fear of looking daft or asking something that we think we should already know.  As instructors and commercial skippers, WE are always learning new things, new boats, new methods, new ways of dealing with problems…. It is this open-minded approach that encourages us to work with anyone ranging from a complete newcomer to the water, right through to those who’ve boated for years but want a few tips to perfect some manoeuvres and make the return to the Berth even calmer, or venture that little bit further and set more ambitious and enjoyable goals.

I once worked a week of Southampton boat show ‘thrill rides’ for the RYA and worked with a crew from Yarmouth who had used boats for years but every time they attached a rope to a cleat, the cleat disappeared under the volume of wraps, twists, tucks and turns… they were quite embarrassed by an inability to tie knots, which itself led to a lack of confidence. In their words ‘I can’t tie knots, so I tie lots’..  There was nothing wrong with the ‘lotsaknot’, the boat certainly wouldn’t have come adrift, we did however work to ensure that a couple of more basic knots were learnt during the week, enabling them to be more confident and make fast with greater ease.

Whatever solution we’ve got to a problem, it’s always good to see how someone else does it and that’s what we love to do, to take existing abilities and see if we can offer some of our own perspectives to turn your own manoeuvres and boating into something even better.

We’re all always learning…

We’re looking forward to boating next year so have produced a few ideas for you all:

  • Gift Vouchers – if you’d like to help a family member or friend move their boating forward (or even suggest such a gift for yourself), this can be done in the form of a practical course, maybe that VHF radio course, an introductory navigation course that can be taken online or even a boating experience, we’ll make up a pack with the voucher so there’s something to open on Christmas day…
  • Our Introduction to navigation courses ‘Charts, Compasses and Cookies’ February, two days of skill building to master the navigation techniques that underpin the ability to venture further afield or even just around the corner, the next two day workshop is the first weekend in February – 1st and 2nd
  • Free safety days in the new year, follow our social media to find out which days we’ll be in the classroom cabin, demonstrating various safety kit, giving advice over coffee and offering 20 minute slots to accompany you onto your boat to explore the kit you have in place and spot any bits that need a bit of attention (all in a friendly, informative, chilled out fashion)
  • Thursday evening workshops, from late January, keep an eye on our social media for workshop itineraries.
  • As always, our VHF radio courses are running regularly, if you or family members need to get the required knowledge / certificates for the new season, join one of our small, friendly training days.

Do get in touch if you have any questions, queries, just want a chat, or even let us know what you’d like us to talk about??

01202 747857