Harbour Sea School & Dorset Marine Training

At the beginning of 2019, ‘Harbour Sea School’ and ‘The Boat Club’ started to work with us (Sarah and Dom) at ‘Dorset Marine Training’ to provide a full range of Training courses and bespoke ‘Own Boat Training’ at Parkstone Bay and throughout Poole Harbour.  During the last 12 months, we've had the opportunity to work [...]

Sticker Gizmo

Sticker Gizmo is a design and print company specialising in labels, stickers, point of sale and marketing material. They cater for businesses who require a high level of design and quality, need fast print and dispatch but want to make smaller orders (£40 minimum order value) Their free design service is very popular with business [...]

Protect, Collect, Dispose – Antifouling Best Practice

What Is The Issue? While antifouling does a great job of keeping our hulls clean, and even has some environmental benefits such as improving fuel efficiency and preventing the spread of invasive non-native species, it is toxic to aquatic life. Most antifouls are copper or zinc based. Some of the compounds found in these antifouls [...]

Security Afloat – Poole Harbour Watch

All boat owners need to protect their boats and marine items by any means they can.  The Security Afloat event will give them the knowledge of what is on the market for their boats. The format for both the afternoon (1600 -1800hrs) and evening (1830 – 2030hrs) sessions is as follows;- Speakers - Afternoon (1600 [...]

Harbour Sea School – Winter Training

Free Winter Workshop The winter season is the perfect time to improve your knowledge, skills and obtain a new qualification.  Our free workshop on Wednesday, 13th November, is open to all Parkstone Bay berth holders and will focus on: ‘Kit we suggest on board to keep us safe – safety blankets and stocking filler suggestions’. [...]

Big Bear Marine Supplies & A4 Marine

Big Bear Supplies - Is a Wholesale Chandler and sell to the boating & marine industry. A4 Marine - Supplies various Boat Yards, Marina’s, Boatbuilders with a large range of products and materials Big Bear Supplies are located in one of the business units at Parkstone Bay Marina, we are a Wholesale Chandlery (Big Bear Supplies) as [...]

On the Blog – Cadbury Physiotherapy

Whether it’s sailing, motoring or wakeboarding, all that extra activity can cause the odd niggly injury. One that we as Physiotherapists see a lot of at this time of year is tendon problems of the rotator cuff tendons in the shoulder, or impingement. The shoulder joint has a wide range of movement and therefore relies [...]

Where have all the hose pipes gone?

In accordance with guidance from The Green Blue and British Marine, we have decided to update our policy on water hoses at Parkstone Bay. Our reasons for making this change is due to heightening health and safety standards throughout the marine industry, especially in relation to the management of Legionella bacteria.  We have a legal [...]

Developing your sea legs…

As the summer really starts to get under way and we start spending more and more time on our boats, it’s the time of year when our balance gets regularly tested. Whether it’s standing on the bow to check if the anchor is holding or stepping from the boat to the pontoon on a breezy [...]

Notice to all Diesel fuel users

As of July 2019 Parkstone Bay Marina’s fuel supplier will be providing diesel that contains a percentage of bio-fuels in line with new government environmental legislation. How does this affect the user? Many of you will have heard of the term ‘diesel bug’ which is a blanket term given to any living micro-organism that can [...]