Designated Fuelling Pontoon

Parkstone Bay Marina has a designated fuelling pontoon at the entrance to the marina, offering both petrol and diesel. The marine fuel pontoon is wide and stable, allowing convenient access and efficient fuelling before heading out to enjoy your day on the water.

You can also pick up a delicious New Forest Ice Cream from the freezer along with a small selection of chandlery items and accessories.

Fuel Prices

60/40 Duty Red Diesel

per litre

E10 Unleaded Petrol

Per Litre

Due to the current unpredictability of fuel prices we may not always be able to update our fuel prices online.
Please call 01202 747857 if you wish to confirm our current pricing.

Marine Fuel Operating Times

8am to 6pm – April to September
8am to 4pm – October to March
(Monday – Friday during November – February)

Using Our Fueling Station

Boats should moor up stern in, alongside our designated fuelling pontoons

A member of our team will serve you. If there is nobody on hand, press the red service button on the outside of the fuel kiosk and a staff member will be with you shortly

We will require a debit or credit card for payment. Please ensure you have means to pay. Apple and Android Pay is subject to a £250 payment limit. 

Cast off and enjoy your day on the water!

Boat on Dry Berthing being Fuelled up

Advance Dry Fuelling Service

Boats on dry berths can benefit from our special mid-week fuelling service. This allows customers to ensure their boats are filled up with petrol or diesel during the week, ready for when they arrive at the marina, thus making the most of their time on the water.

Using Our Mid-Week Fuelling Service

Our Advance Fuelling has had an upgrade to make it easily accessible to all at any time you can now request fuel online.

Login to you account portal at

Our team will tow the boat on land to our fuelling station to dispense the fuel before returning the boat to her position in the boat park. Our office will then invoice you for the fuel. This invoice is payable by return.