PARKSTONE BAY Pontoon Berths

Pontoon Berths

Our modern and spacious marina is set in delightful surroundings and provides up to 50 berths, ideal for vessels up to 17m in length and 1m draft. Overlooking Parkstone Bay, berth holders can appreciate the constant activity of English bird life that is plentiful in the area. The pontoons are wide, stable and benefit from excellent grip underfoot.  All boats have access to fresh water, and most berths have access to electricity.

Jet Ski Pontoon Berth

Conveniently located on the pontoons, with quick easy access to Poole Harbour and beyond, we have a number of bespoke jet ski berths for customers who also keep a boat at Parkstone Bay Marina. Bertholders can drive their jet ski straight onto a floating platform, which holds the jet ski safely and securely out of the water until the customer wishes to use it again.

Boat Docks

This practical berthing option allows boats to stay out of the water and as such, kept in better conditions whilst retaining full flexibility of use. Annual berths and suitable for RIBS or small powerboats up to 8m in length. Docks are easy to use as boats are simply driven up and reversed off using the boat’s engine. A bow line is required to secure the boat onto the dock and there is the option for an electricity* connection, if required. *charged per unit Berth holders have space to walk around their boats and we offer storage lockers to hold cleaning materials and hose pipes if space on board is limited, at a small charge.


Throughout the year we offer haul-out, pressure wash and re-launch packages to help you keep your boat well maintained while benefiting from the easy and efficiency of a pontoon berth. Overlooking Parkstone Bay, pontoon berth holders can enjoy a beautiful outlook while making use of quick, easy access to Poole Harbour and beyond.

Benefits of Pontoon Berthing

Fully serviced annual berth on the pontoon

Convenient walk ashore access to your boat

Broad stable pontoons with excellent grip underfoot

Convenient access to the fuel pontoon for quick and easy fuelling

Access to fresh water and electricity (chargeable at cost)

Free WiFi Access

15% discount on Harbour Sea School courses

Summer lift out, pressure wash and re-launch offers for pontoon bertholders

Car parking for 1 Car

CCTV and night time security

Winter haul out and storage ashore offers

Inclusion in Social Events and Rallies

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