Dry Berthing

Parkstone Bay is the only South Coast Marina to operate this facility of dry berthing, offering customers the flexibility and convenience to access and use their boats at any time, whilst keeping them safely out of the water. Our staff are trained to launch boats safely but quickly, so you should not need to wait more than a few minutes to be on the water.

Our Berthing Contract

  • Annual Berth on one of our specially designed trailers
  • Unlimited launching, 7 days a week and longer hours during peak seasons
  • Early morning launches and late night use of the waiting pontoon
  • Easy access to your boat at all times without being stored on high racks
  • Free ‘mid-week fueling’ service
  • Car parking for 1 Car
  • Increased security, including CCTV coverage of dry berthing park and night security
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • 15% Discount on Harbour Sea School courses
  • Access to water for wash down
  • Electricity available, chargeable at cost on a meter
  • Inclusion in Social Events and Rallies

Other benefits of Dry Berthing at Parkstone Bay includes having access to your boat at all times for maintenance and cleaning and also there is no need to call ahead for boat launches. You will also benefit from lower annual maintenance costs and an improvement in the residual value of your boat. There is no need to anti-foul and you can have peace of mind knowing your boat is out of the water in bad weather.

Boat on Dry Berthing being Fuelled up

Fuelling your boat on Dry Berthing

If you store your boat on a dry berth we offer a complimentary fuelling service.  To take advantage of this, call the marina office on 01202 747857 or email  Simply let us know how many litres of which fuel you would like and we will move the boat around to the fuel station by land for fuelling.

Dry Berthing Procedure

  • When you arrive at the Marina – park in the car park and make use of one of the marina trolleys outside the café to load your gear straight into your boat.
  • Prepare your boat for launching – remove any boat covers, check your bung is in and that all lines and fenders are out on the port side.  Finally, check that nothing is attached to the trailer and that your outboards/legs are in the down position- and where applicable your trim tabs and boarding ladders are in the up position.
  • When you are ready to launch – log into your personal account on our Launch App situated at the Operations Office to request your boat launch. Our staff will collect your boat in turn and launch her to the pontoon.
  • Proceed along the pontoon walkways – to the ‘launch pontoon’ and wait for your boat to arrive.  As a courtesy to other boat owners, we ask that you are ready and able to take charge of your boat as soon as it is in the water.
  • Once you have taken charge of your boat – either depart straight away or move along and around the corner to the ‘waiting pontoon’ where there should be space for you to make any last minute preparations and take passengers on board.
  • At the end of your day boating –  When you return to the marina at the end of the day, berth on the waiting pontoon with your port side to the pontoon.  Make sure your outboards and legs are in the down position and your trim tabs are in the up position.  If you would like to come out of the water straight away, move your boat around to the ‘launch pontoon’ when it’s your turn, and our marina staff will lift the boat out and return her to the boat park.  You will then have the opportunity to wash the boat down and replace covers so she is secure until your next visit.  If you would prefer to stay in the water log back into your account on the Launch App to make your request (subject to space).

Waiting Pontoon Etiquette

For your safety and enjoyment we ask that you observe the following:

Safety first – You should always wear a life jacket and be extra careful on the pontoons, especially when wet or windy.  Children must be accompanied at all times.

Port side to the pontoon – Wherever possible your boat should be secured with the port side to the pontoon.

Keeping the pontoon clear – Wherever possible we ask that you leave your possessions on the boat until it is back in its trailer space.  If your boat is staying in the water overnight please ensure no valuable items are left on board.

Use of the waiting pontoon – You can stay on the waiting pontoon anytime during the day and overnight if there is room.  Your boat is your responsibility whilst on the waiting pontoon and you should ensure she is properly secured with adequate fenders.

We reserve the right to recover any boat from the waiting pontoon if we feel this is necessary to assist our operations.

Please note that times are dependent on weather and tidal conditions. Boats are not launched when the water level falls below 1m.

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